Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jute! Eggs and Vase

Ah...yes, my first easter decor of the year. lol.
I know, I know, nothing like waiting til the last minute. I'm definately a procrastinator. Not my best quality, but it could be worse right?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS post my friend Beckie over at Projects, Pinching Pennies and Plugging Along did called Twine and Speckled Eggs. They are absolutely fabulous!! She took those plastic easter eggs, painted them, speckled them blue and twined the bottoms!! Brilliant.
Here is what hers look like!

Aren't they cute!
I knew I had to make some!! I bought some paper eggs at Hobby Lobby that were 3 for $1. :) I painted them cream, although it is very WHITE looking, and then speckled them with a dark brown instead of the midnight blue Beckie used.
I juted two of the bottoms and one of the sides. I love them!!
Here are mine...

Began with this...

and turned into this!

THANK YOU Beckie for the AWESOME idea!!

And now onto the VASE!
I've been looking at this vase in my house for quite some time. Didnt really like and thought, I'll chuck it, but while I was beautying(its a word) up my eggs, I thought....I bet this vase would look fabulous covered in wonderful jute!!
So, I gave it a try, and I LOVE IT!!!!!
Here is the BEFORE...

Here is the after!!

Isnt she perfect! I love it. SOO glad I went for it!
Only problem now is figuring out what will go in this beauty. I tried a bunch of tree branches, but that just reminded me of deer antlers. lol. I need something else...but what? If you have any suggestions, I'd LOVE to hear them!! Thank you. :)

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love me some Moss Balls!

Huh? Yes I said "moss balls". And mine are wonderful!!
P♥ttery Barn has some beauties here that are super cute!!
I just happen to have some golf practice balls laying around and grabbed some moss and thought I'd give it a go! Golf practice balls + moss = Copycat Moss Balls for a vase filler.
Look how wonderful!...

Super easy and CHEAP!
Start with...

Add a little...

Hot glue a section at a time and ROLL!!

Pull off the excess and glue some more. Fast and Simple!
Give it a try!!! Total cost for me was just under $4 for all 12 balls.
Six moss mini's at Pottery Barn would have cost me $10+ shipping. I saved over twenty bucks! :)

Thank you for visiting!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pottery Barn Cream Bottle Copycat

Yay for my first official post! I am really excited to share ideas and much more with all of you! Thank you for stopping by and showing your support!
While searching online, I came across Pottery Barn's New collection of Eclectic Vases. I think they are divine! I had recently bought a small bottle I found in the dollar section at Target(love that store) that I thought I could transform to "copycat" the one they offer. It turned out just as I envisioned!
Here is the bottle I bought...

I grabbed my bottle, paint and modpodge and got started!! I ended up mixing just a tad of a light brown with my cream paint til I got the color I was looking for.
After I painted a couple coats, I applied modpodge to the whole thing to give it a nice glossy finish! I love it.
Here is the Pottery Barn bottle...

And here is mine!...

After this, I thought I might wanna go darker. So I painted again and realized I liked the first look better. lol. No worries! Thats the joy of paint!!
What do you think?


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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome to Twisted Copycat

I have been thinking about creating a more "craft"-like blog and this week I was inspired to finaly go ahead and branch off and do it!
I am super excited and cant wait to begin this blogging journey!
Twisted CopyCat is the name I chose for this blog in hopes of being able to take things that I love and crafts/decor/etc that I come across and make them my own by giving them the copycat twist!
Its probably going to be a challenge but I'm up for it!
Wish me luck and happy following!