Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recipes I've tried

I have come across some yummy recipes from some very talented bloggers and thought I'd share my attempt at them!
First off, my friend Beckie from These Creative Juices ! Check her out!! She's awesome!
She recommended THESE yummy looking pretzels awhile back and I knew I'd have to try them!! Boy was I glad I did!! They were GOBBLED up in no time! My kids and hubby loved them!! Thanks Beck. :)

She also recommended a delicious looking BBQ Chicken Pizza . Since i just happen to have all of the ingredients to make it, I gave it a try. Hers looks SOO much yummier, but I think its because I was limited to my toppings. Hubby doesnt like onions and he could do without the cilantro so unfortunately, we omitted those.
Here is mine. Its was still super yummy, but someday I will make it again with all the ingredients!! :)

If you are wondering where the other quarter of the pizza is, that portion got spaghetti sauce and cheese. ;) Ryan is just as picky as his dad. :)

Yesterday I made a yummy dessert I came across Saturday from Brown Paper Packages .
They are called Caramel Shortbread Bars
SOO yummy. It was very easy to make and i will for sure be making some again!! I gave some to my mother and my mother-in-law! They both loved it!!!
Look at how yummy!!! Here is the shortbread before the caramel drizzle!!

And after...YUM!

Thank you ladies for your awesome recipe ideas!!

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